Silk Road has at least 1,239 vendors actively selling today

June 2, 2013 — 4 Comments

The full vendor count continues over at Silk Road and, as predicted, the number is a couple hundred over the already impressive milestone of 1,000. As of last night, the number is up to 1,239. StExo writes:

Quick update for everyone!

The lastest index of SilkRoad obtained more results than I previously predicted. Having filtered some of the vendor pages for their own security, we now have indexed a whopping 1,239 vendors who are actively selling at any given moment.

This latest index of vendors will be published later tonight and I’ll keep you up to date on developments as they occur. Right now the job which needs to be done is sorting it all into alphabetical order and then tying each vendor code (the last few digits of their vendor page in the URL) to the vendor username. Once we’ve done that last step, it’ll be uploaded.

Many thanks to SelfSovereignty who has been wonderful in helping me get down a methodology of collecting the pages quicker and more efficiently, the rate of accidentally downloading the same vendor page twice was 1.3% as opposed to the first attempt which was 81.5%.

Finally, let me express my word of thanks for the kind words thus far for the project. I am always open to ideas on how to expand it and add new services to my site, not just for the vendor backups but anything which could be useful to us at all!

URL: http://5uvrgtrgtwkkxsgw.onion/


The overall reaction to the project has been extremely positive. Here’s how he did it:

“To compile the data, about 36 work hours of manual page downloads, another 5 hours naming and labelling them, 12-24 hours to set the website up and ensure all personal data in the files was removed (some programs insert metadata unfortunately) and another 8 hours to filter out the pages we didn’t want to display in public as we were shocked by the information on vendor pages and simply could not publish it for the safety of the vendor so we’ve let those concerned know (it affects about 10% of all vendors) and asked them to correct it,” wrote StExo. He’s also considering maintaining a complete and regularly updated backup of Silk Road including “not just backup vendor pages but SilkRoad itself, every product, the Wiki etc.”

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