Is LucyDrop the latest Silk Road scammer? $65,000 in late LSD orders says yes

February 28, 2013 — 1 Comment

Update: On March 2, Lucy’s customers began reporting receiving their orders. Rather than a scam, this appears to be the grossest misunderstanding and most absurd example of poor customer relations in Silk Road history. We’ll keep you posted.

Have you caught your breath in the few days since EnterTheMatrix pulled a five-figure scam on Silk Road?

The latest vendor leaving customers feeling scammed is LucyDrop, a top 1% Canadian LSD vendor who has been successfully selling her LSD on the Road for five months.

Lucy is a notable vendor for several reasons: first, she (or he) demands all of her regular customers finalize all payments early. The Silk Road standard — in fact, the first strong recommendation to all Silk Road members — is to never shop outside of escrow as it leaves customers vulnerable to scams. Lucy demands that her customers finalize early and then encourages a 5/5 review immediately upon paying — not receiving and trying out the actual product.


Lucy was a highly regarded vendor until this month began. Her customers began to complain that she was sending out low quality LSD. When the complaints hit a fever pitch, Lucy gave a mea culpa and declared that she’d be replacing everyone’s LSD for free to make amends. Here’s what she wrote on February 20:

Everyone who had a problem (that ordered from the weak batch… i know which batch was affected so dont try and get free reships) will get a free reship at no cost, along with my most sincere apologies.

Reships will begin to go on starting on Monday. Please do not message me about a reship before Monday.

If i mark it as read, it means i got your order and address and it will be reshipped. Please do not message me saying “did you get my address? when will it go out? thanks for the reship” as it will just add to the insane amount of messages i already get.

While i am taking care of everybody, i will not have time to answer trivial questions, and will be focussing all my effort on getting those reships out. Please do not message me unless you have an urgent message.. “Hey i ordered on X date and was wondering where it is” does not fall under URGENT.

Coincidentally, all of her customers have just that very same problem: they ordered her LSD and now they’re wondering just where it is. It seems that almost every customer who ordered from Lucy on or around February 6 has not received their packages. It’s been the subject of much discussion on the Silk Road forums and Reddit.

On February 27, she addressed the slow shipping complaints:

1-4 weeks is not uncommon for standard ground mail with no tracking… it’s ground mail (the slowest possible way of mailing something)it always varies…  i have had someone in aus receive in 6 days, and someone domestic wait 3 weeks for stuff mailed out at the same time before.

also, as a top vendor, sometimes we get a ton of orders so if we mark it in transit on the 10th for example, its possible that it may get actually put out on the 12th. that + bad weather across north america + cutbacks with post…. you can see how it can cause some delays as always, i am here, and i always take care of all of my customers.. like i am doing with the reships.

What are the odds that everyone is getting their orders in four weeks?

Taking a look at Lucy’s feedback starts to reveal just how much business she’s done this month, all of which was finalized early and almost none of which has been delivered. Earlier this week, reddit user saysthelion scoured the feedback list and delivered a rough estimate of how much money Lucy has made this month. Five days have passed and it’s clear the number is significantly larger.

Here are the latest numbers:

Since February 6, Lucy has processed at least 135 orders for “25 x 100ug LSD – Clean and REAL – Lab tested – ฿4.53″ product. Today, that’s worth $20,115.

She’s processed 305 orders for “10 hits 100+ug CLEAN and REAL LSD *limited bonus * – ฿2.19″ worth $21,960.

Finally, she’s processed 85 orders for “50 x 100ug LSD Blotters – Laid with Fluff – ฿8.29″ worth $23,205.

All together, that adds up to $65,280 worth of payments made to Lucy outside of escrow since February 6, few if any of which have actually resulted in product being delivered to customers. The actual total she scammed out of Silk Road may be a bit higher than that number — several customers who made orders prior to that date are slowly coming forward to say they still haven’t received orders.

Keep in mind that the total amount Lucy makes depends on when she exchanges the Bitcoins for another currency. Bitcoins have reached record highs in recent days and is currently sitting at at $33.20 according to Mt. Gox. This would be a great time to cash out for a scammer.

Some users are still expecting her to fulfill her replacement orders and continue vending. “Im expecting my “Free” package early next week, will let you know if i receive them,” wrote user WaveMyboatHello.

justdownthesilkroad responded: “Personally I think that anyone who believes LucyDrop is going to ship out massive quantities of free LSD isn’t thinking it all the way through.”

The sales haven’t stopped. Despite all the uncertainty on the forums and in her feedback threads, Lucy has made hundreds of dollars of sales in the last couple of hours alone. Each one of them has communicated with Lucy, finalized the transaction early and padded her feedback with 5/5.

Like Silk Road scammers of the past, Lucy still has backers on the forums. Because she built up a sterling reputation, several posters say they’re expecting her to pull through. The vast majority, though, seem resigned to their money being lost.

Not all of Lucy’s 5/5 reviews are positive:

Vendor asked me to FE on a 10-strip in violation of the terms on his vendor page – I asked for a refund and it took a few days but he did give me my money back with an apology, so I will not take away any feedback points.

Would never order again.

Reddit user saysthelion had this perspective almost a week ago:

All of this pretty much mirrors what Tony76 did (selling weak/bunk product and requiring almost everyone to FE) right before he went rogue. Lucydrop has more than enough incentive to do the same, and if you still wish to order from him and get burned, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

If Lucy isn’t scamming her customers, this has to be the grossest misunderstanding and most absurd example of poor customer relations in Silk Road history. More likely is that her customers will be less than surprised.

It’s worth noting that the vast majority of Silk Road transactions go through smoothly. There are many reasons the Road has grown so large and one of them is the plethora of happy customers. But major scammers are a recurring and seemingly incurable problem for the site worth exploring. Weirder Web will continue to do so.

Is this Lucy’s first scam? There’s no way of knowing. All Silk Roaders know that the most successful scammers in the site’s history might still be actively selling. Why not? The anonymous nature of the site means that there is little or no risk to scamming out a quick profit — $65,000 for Lucy or $100,000 for Tony. Coupled with the casual acceptance of finalizing early, Silk Road can look extremely attractive to scammers.

“Tony’s still here,” wrote Silk Road user Kappacino. “He had the suppliers. He had infrastructure. He would be an idiot not to have returned. He’s probably a ‘reputable vendor’ again.”

If any Silk Road scammer decided to do it again and again — and why wouldn’t he? — we’d never know.

Update: Reddit user justdownthesilkroad reminds us that the number may be considerably higher. In fact, it’s perfectly plausible that Lucy is going to get away with over $100,000:

It may be far worse than the article says, because not every user who finalizes early clicks “Submit Feedback”. If they didn’t, there is no public record of the order. That, plus the recent spike in the value of bitcoins leads me to believe LucyDrop has made off with well over $100k in undelivered orders.


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