Florida man busted with 106 grams of ectasy, Silk Road promptly deletes all his posts

February 26, 2013 — 1 Comment

Matthew Karl Nelson of North Naples, Florida was arrested on Thursday, February 21 when receiving a package containing 106 grams of ecstasy, reports Naples News.

The Fort Myers office of customs and border patrol notified the Collier County Sheriff’s Office about the package on Wednesday after learning it contained 106 grams of ecstasy, according to an arrest report.

Nelson bought the ecstasy from trusted top 5% Silk Road vendor luckylucianno. Lucianno has 100% positive feedback on 241 transactions over the course of five months of selling. He’s known for shipping high quantities of high quality ecstasy. An order of 106 grams of ecstasy would have cost Nelson about $2,760 based on Lucianno’s current prices.

Shortly after getting busted, Nelson went onto Silk Road to warn others of his bust. His posts were eventually deleted as was all discussion surrounding the bust. This follows the arrest and prosecution of Paul Leslie Howard, an Australian Silk Roader, whose forum posts were used against him in trial.

Reddit’s /r/SilkRoad discussed the conversation:


Scout, a global moderator in Silk Road’s forums, deleted all discussion of the incident earlier today as word of the incident spread.

Guys, please DO NOT talk about or refer to those things.  If you want to discuss them with Lucky, do so in a private message.  Not here.

For his part, LuckyLucianno wants customers to “think about [their] own safety.” Lucianno put a hold on orders of 100 grams or more but continued smaller orders. He wrote:

we should take a break til we figure out whats up
There is still outstanding orders in transit, let them land and everyone be safe and we figure out whats next
I am still offering 28 and 50g listings

Police said they found “marijuana, a scale and packaging for the ecstasy pills inside the home,” reports Naples News.

Nelson, faces a felony charge of trafficking phenethylamines and misdemeanor charges of marijuana possession and drug paraphernalia possession. As of Friday, he remained at the Naples Jail Center on bonds totaling $60,000.

Silk Road’s smart new tactic when faced with a bust seems to be to delete all evidence of the user’s involvement with the site. This has the potential to protect Nelson from himself — if (or when) the police found his posts, they would have found him admitting to ordering that very package. This would have led them to his entire Silk Road history, a troubling prospect for Nelson and for a site that wants to protect its customers.

Update: Shortly after this story was posted, Silk Road administrators deleted LuckyLuciano’s feedback thread, a key part of any Silk Road vendor’s business. Another member asked about the situation and moderator Scout responded:

The thread was deleted in order to help protect LL and his clients.  He did not take it down – we did it at the request of several members (and with the permission of LL).  The Tulane shipment was not his, as he hasn’t had any orders to that area.  Also, I’ve edited the title of the thread to remove LL’s name since he had nothing to do with the Tulane package and there’s no reason to call him out for it.

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